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Shipping container fabrication

Nitrogen Purged Shipping Container
nitrogen purged shipping containers

nitrogen rotor storage container

nitrogen rotor shipping container




Nitrogen shipping container fabrication

Nitrogen Purged Shipping Containers

At C & S Metal Fabricating, we design and fabricate nitrogen purged shipping and storage containers for turbine rotors, pump rotors, generator rotors and other items which need to be stored in an inert environment to prevent oxidation.. These durable containers are fabricated from carbon steel and custom fit to each customer's rotor. They are designed to not only protect the rotor from handling and corrosion during transit, but to protect the product during long term storage in the harshest environments. One of our containers has been protecting a rotor on an offshore rig in the Bering Sea for over two years. The shell of the container is coated with UV-resistant epoxy or urethane coating and the inside is designed to perfectly fit the rotor, maintaining its balance. This allows the rotor to be used immediately when needed and is especially critical for field applications when access to balancing equipment is not available. The nitrogen purge is set up to operate between 7-10 psi and prevents any corrosion from the outside environment. Alarms can be added to alert customers when the pressure falls below 5 psi. Sight glasses can also be added that allow users to inspect the rotor without removing the nitrogen blanket. All containers are pressure tested above their operating pressure to ensure no leaks are present in the construction. With a lifting capacity of 40 tons, containers can be fabricated in virtually any shape or size. A typical rotor shipping container can be designed and fabricated in approximately 8 weeks. For more information about our nitrogen purged rotor shipping containers, please contact us directly.

713-644-8152 (voice) 5610 Northdale St. Houston, Texas 77087
Sales: sales@csmetalfab.com
Contact: Click Here